118 YEARS of St. Adalbert's Church - Providence, RI

January 23, 1902 A small, wooden church on Ridge Street, Providence, ready for occupancy.
February 7, 1902 St. Adalbert’s Parish, the first Polish parish in Rhode Island, was incorporated officially. Fr. Adalbert Duczmal serves as first Pastor.
March 15, 1909 Completion of small new brick building for Church and School.
June 20, 1920 Fr. Adalbert Duczmal is replaced by Fr. Peter Switala.
August 1922 New site for the parish Church is purchased at 860 Atwells Avenue, Providence,the center of the Polish Community.
September 26, 1926 Bishop William Hickey blesses the new church.
October 4, 1934 Fr. Peter Switala is transferred to St. Joseph’s in Central Falls, RI.
October 5, 1934 Fr. Bronislaus Rosiak appointed Administrator.
September 5, 1937 St. Adalbert’s Parish School opens. Felician Sisters of Enfield, Connecticut assume faculty responsibility.
February 25, 1952 Parish 50th Anniversary celebration – refurbishing and new additions made.
June 6, 1961 Fr. Frederick Slota appointed Assistant by Bishop Russell McVinney.
October 26, 1963 Fr. Slota appointed Administrator.
March 10, 1965 Fr. Rosiak formal retirement.
Jan. – Dec. 1966 Novena of Holy Hours in observance of the Millenium of Poland’s Christianity.
April 8, 1968 Construction of new Convent begins.
November 30, 1969 Bishop Russell McVinney blesses new Convent.
December 10, 1970 Fr. Frederick Slota appointed Pastor.
June 25, 1972 First Polish Picnic held.
April 24, 1977 Parish 75th Jubilee Observance – Bishop Louis Gelineau presiding.
June 25, 1987 St. Adalbert’s School closing.
August 28, 1988 Groundbreaking for new Parish Center.
May 28, 1989 Bishop Kenneth Angell blesses new Parish Center.
June 28, 1993 Major external renovation of Church begins.
April 16, 2001 Major internal renovation, restoration and painting of Church begins.
September 29, 2002 Solemn Centennial Celebration and completion of all renovation – Bishop Robert Mulvee presiding.
July 1, 2006 Fr. Slota retires. Fr. Marek Kupka appointed new pastor.
June 7 – 8, 2008 St. Adalbert’s Polish – American Festival resumes.